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  • 2016-8-25
    Container construction: new generation ...
    Is there a building built during time-saving, and environmental protection? Is there a safe and comfortable living space, full of creativity? Container construction gives people the answer. It contain...
  • 2016-8-25
    Container farm organic vegetables rise i...
    With a smaller space and lower cost production of organic vegetables, Freight Farms containers farms did. Growing vegetables in containers? Transportation truck drivers born tycoon Malcolm McLean (Mal...
  • 2016-8-25
    Experts on Container Housing Development
    Under the protection of housing supply is tight or purchaser strictly limited cases, the developer 'container houses' may be an effective way to solve the future of housing for low-income populations ...

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Company Profile
ABOUT US Shanghai Material Trading Co., Ltd. Jia located in Baoshan District Rail Road No. 140, Our main container fittings including container flooring, dry box accessories, GOH parts, accessories, open top containers, flat rack accessories, a product of more than 600 square feet warehouse Meter. C...

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